just a collection of links for the convenience of those who are following the news in Burma... | >%there are live update blogs from within Burma%< | >>% this blog is constantly being updated... please scroll all the way down %<<


WARNING!! : if you are getting your news from any other sources besides from the list below .. BE VERY WARY of the accuracy and reliablity of the source.. for according to niknayman [niknayman.blogspot.com] it's been known that there are poeple from the military, and those that support the Burmese junta, are using the handle [niknayman] and possibly various other nick names, impersonating, and has been posting to various forums, cbox and blogs.

niknayman WILL NOT post to any other blogs and forums besides these two his own
[ http://niknayman.blogspot.com ] and [ http://niknayman.cbox.ws ]

and niknayman does not do any interview. Neither for local nor international media.

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